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Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been a while since writing, I've been really busy getting ready for Jersey Fresh and all my hard work has paid off! Let me start from the very beginning and catch you up on how the past week has gone. We've been working hard and we are down to the last days before jog on Thursday. I go out to feed Ollie and Audie Tuesday evening and Ollie is limping around in his paddock. I get a vet to check him out and we find he has an abscess. We drained the abscess and I got to work soaking his hoof in Epsom salt and packing it with ichthammol salve. I continued soaking his hoof all weekend to keep the hole clean. He passed jog without a problem on Thursday. Our dressage on Friday was quite good for Ollie, he was very calm throughout the test. We weren't scored exceptionally well but I wasn't complaining because I was in 7th after dressage. The cross country course was very good, it definitely tested our horses stamina and athletic ability. It was a 7 min course with a large hill that we went up twice and the jumps were large all the way to the finish line. I was very proud of Ollie, I could really tell a difference in him and his conditioning. After cross country we moved up to 3rd. He passed his final jog on Sunday morning and looked ready to jump. The course was large and difficult, if it wasn't I guess it wouldn't be a three star. Ollie and I had a good warm up and went out to do our best. I didn't have a good pace going to the Swedish which resulted in knocking the rail down. We had a cheap rail in the triple, barely tapped it and it fell. Ollie and I placed 5th which is excellent for our first CIC***. I was still slightly disappointed in my show jumping round but I can't go back and fix things, I just have to work harder for Bromont. Over all it was a great weekend, I learned a lot and have plenty of things to improve on. I'm taking Audie Intermediate at Fair Hill this coming weekend, I hope all goes well. I'll write again next Monday!

Your Aspiring Olympic Rider,
Callie Adaire Judy
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