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Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello 2011!!!

Hello readers!
I hope the end of your 2010 year was exciting and enjoyable. Mine was filled with ups and downs. Let me take you on a quick recap...I spent my summer in Riegelsville Pennsylvania on Buckwampum farm. There I trained my four horses with Buck and traveled around to competitions around the east coast and up to Canada. Ollie "Call On Me" tore his deep digital flexor tendon during this time and went to Cornell University for treatment. He then got a puncture wound into the joint of his right hind fetlock. This occurred 10 hrs before he was due to hop on a trailer coming home to Missouri. He has been struggling with that injury and other health issues since arriving home, he is now doing better at home on stall rest. Having said that he is not out of the clear for a while and will be recovering for at least a year.
I am now in Ocala Florida preparing for a successful competition year! I have Irish Odyssey "Audie", Sportsfield Rafiki "Rafiki", Bayama, Bada Bing, and Bourne Ultimatum. My five year old stallion Bada Bing is doing well, he has bucked me off once but since doing that we have had several great rides. I foresee him cruising through the levels quickly. I am training with Buck Davidson and I am taking lessons with dressage trainer Gunnar Ostergaard. He trained and coached Becky Holder through the World Equestrian Games. I took my first lesson with Gunnar when I was much younger climbing up the eventing levels.  I hope to improve my dressage greatly because I strive to ride dressage properly. I will be blogging every Monday and inform you on how my riding and competitions are going. I thank everyone who reads this blog. And I thank everyone that supports me and my horses on our journey to the Olympics. On that note I am looking for sponsorship to help support my riding and I am searching for that special horse that will go all the way with me. Any help is greatly appreciated, big or small. Thank You!!!
Your Future Olympian,
Callie Adaire Judy
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